Weekend Update

Hello fellow bloggers! Sorry for my absence this week. We are working hard to get into our new routine and it’s just taking some time. However for the most part we are doing OK! Today is my birthday!….Aw Thanks, for the wishes. This morning the kids and I went to the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic with another HS family. Words cannot describe the scene of 25+ hot air balloons all being inflated at the same time and launching from the grassy area at Anne Morrison Park. I’ve never seen anything like it before and it was worth the 5am wake up call that it took to make it happen. When we returned home we freshened up and then finished our school work for the day. This evening we had a nice dinner out as a family and a quiet night at home. I hope by next week we will really start to settle in and then I can blog on a more regular basis like maybe twice a week.

Enjoy this last official weekend of summer and the long holiday weekend. Stay safe, have fun and watch for the small blessings of the Lord.



Before I became a Christian

I am wrestling with some hard issues now and just need to get my thoughts and feelings out somewhere. And maybe here, they will help someone else wrestling with the same or similar issues.
Before I became a Christian, I didn’t think much about the harm or helpfulness of most holidays. They were mostly created to give children or adults a reason to party, or greeting card companies and the like a reason to market and sell a ton of unneeded, useless products. I bought into these holidays and for some embraced them with vigor and created family traditions with my children around them.

But now that I am looking at life through God Shaped glasses I am wondering what is the best way to get my children and myself out of the World View mindset. Is it to be big & bold and just pull the plug and explain it in biblical terms quoting scripture and God’s Word? Or since the kids are still so young might it be better to slowly start to pull away from one, and then another all the while focusing on the holidays that are Christian based and putting the emphasis on CHRIST in them? Of course the latter seems the obvious choice but I somehow wonder if I am spiritually equipped to do it. I guess if God is leading me to it, then he has equipped me for it and will lead me through it.

There is a rather big, but somewhat disturbing holiday approaching. It didn’t used to be disturbing to me. In fact, I have some wonderful childhood memories about neighborhood parties, haunted houses in our garage and my dad’s creativeness at coming up with new costumes each year. But this year I am bothered by the idea of my kids celebrating a holiday that seems to be focusing more and more on death, zombies, ghouls and the like. I don’t have a problem really with the carving of pumpkins, I rather like the seeds if I tell the truth. I don’t mind the passing out of candy although I’m a bit worried if it’s been tainted, poisoned or messed with. I don’t mind the costumes that are cute, funny or creative. It guess it’s the blood, guts, evil-one themed parts of Halloween I have had enough of.

My church this year will be offering Trunk or Treat. I think that’s a good idea, but just wonder if it sends kids a mixed signal? I really don’t know. I do know that I need to pray over this, ask some of the more spiritual mature ladies that I trust their feelings on it and seek out some scripture. Am I worrying about something that really isn’t a big deal or is that Satan having a way with my brain that is so used to thinking about life from a World View. All good questions. All hard questions. But one of the things I’ve learned this week during my bible study is to be watchful of the tough choices. Listen for the challenges. That is God speaking to you and if you want to hear Him clearly and more often then you need to listen at all times.

Counting my blessings

Sometimes it is hard to see the good, abundant blessings that the Lord provides when you are in the midst of trials, hardships or dry seasons. I don’t feel that this is the driest season of my life, but I also don’t feel like it’s a huge growing season for me either. I think that maybe I am somewhere in between these seasons and God is using this time to prep me for what is coming next. I hope that what ever it is, the season will be something that will draw me closer to Him and that I will be used in a way that shows Him to those who don’t know Him.
What ever is coming, I am trying to reflect less on me, and more on Him. And all of the small ways and things he is doing in my life. The blessings in my life may seem small but they are really rather huge. Take for instance the wonderful coupon deals I was able to score last month, and the freezer and pantry full of food that I have to chose from at the moment. Take the offer to go pick apples at a new friends house that has led to me having over 20 cups of now peeled, cored and chopped apples in my freezer, 1 large batch of applesauce in my fridge and more apples left to decide what to do with. Sure, it took hours to prep that many apples to cook or freeze, but will be well worth it in the coming months when I can pull out a bag of apples and make a desert to share with my family or someone else’s.
Take the Payless Shoe Store gift cards that we received to help purchase new boots for both of my children so that they may have warm, dry feet this winter. Take the blessing of a huge bag of clothes from a fellow parent at the school for my son. Sure, some of them may be too big for him right now, but he will grow into them and that will help us down the road. Or the fact that my daughter has friends that can come and help celebrate her birthday with her this weekend.
Most of this is stuff that I would have normally taken for granted. But now, I am trying to be More Than a Good Bible Study Girl, I am trying to Discern The Voice of God, I am trying to not only see His Will, but see Him.
Maybe I need to post each and every blessing I see in my life for the next month. Then I could really look back and see how much He is here, doing life with me.
Hmmm….actually, that is a really good idea!

So, what kind of blessings do you see in your life right now?

Cooks like me make me crazy!!!

I have realized that I really dislike cooks who cook like me. I like to cook. In fact, I love to cook, and bake! It brings me joy and I love trying new recipes and ideas. However I didn’t always feel this way. I used to hate to cook and only liked to bake when….well, we won’t go there. But over the years I have grown to love it. As I learned to cook I was the type of person who needed exact measurements. Give me precise directions with detailed info. Maybe it is one of the reasons that my favorite food blog these days is The Pioneer Woman. Ree, bless her pea pickin’ heart gives step by step directions….with photos!
I have been trying to put together some of our family recipes for you to try. My problem is that I don’t measure everything and that makes it hard for you! I can tell you a pound of meat, a half a pound of pasta or what ever. But when it comes to spices I just cannot measure! i might start with a measurement but then I need to add a shake of this and a little more of that! UGH!

So, consider this your warning. I am going to post recipes for you to try. BUT, they might be a little off. Your family might like less garlic and more onion. More pepper and less herb or whatever. I just can’t let those little things like a teaspoon here or there come between friends!

Picture this folks!

I am turning in my application today for the open position of Crossing Guard at my daughters school. It isn’t a role I really saw myself in or even went looking for. The job posting has been up for over a month but I didn’t think to apply for it because it conflicts with my Women’s Bible Study at church. However a couple of staff members contacted me and asked me to consider taking the position. They said they would be able to cover that morning shift but really wanted me for the others. I already spent about 5 hours per week at the school volunteering in my daughter’s class and this would only be about 5 hours per week. Plus it could possible work into other positions at the school such as a substitute Noon duty (helping with lunchroom stuff and the following recess) and maybe into a part time aide position. With Big D starting Kindergarten in the fall I thought it would be a great opportunity! I mean, I would still be able to work in both of their classrooms plus bring in a little extra income each month.

So, I have prayed about it (for a longggggg time), talked with my wonderful husband and decided that I am going to do it. I am not looking forward to standing in the rain but I figure it really does not rain much here, I can handle 30 minutes here or there right?! So, wish me luck! I will let you know how it goes!

Freedom to Blog…or maybe not

Yesterday brought some big news from Stampin Up! HQ. Effective Oct 1st 2009, demonstrators (which I am) will no longer be allowed to post to a personal blog, upload to Facebook, Twitter about or otherwise mention in any online media any company, brand, or product that might in any way shape or form compete with SU!. While I understand this from a business perspective, I do not like the idea that I could would not be allowed to post a card that is 99% SU! product but uses another companies image. Nor would I be allowed to share the adorable mini mailboxes so popular last year which I covered with nothing but SU! products and gave as gifts to teachers at school by sharing with you where you could find that cute product that SU! does NOT even sell. I do not like that I would not be able to list the links of my friends blogs and websites because they use products other than Stampin Up! I understand that as a demonstrator I want to promote the company I represent but the truth of it is that they are not the only game in town.

It looks like SU! has just released a new clarification statement regarding this issue. Luckily I have 28 days from now to decide. I had really wanted to start up my business again, but I’m not sure that my views are 100% in line with the views of the company that I would be representing. I will pray about it, research more and learn what the full implications of this change are before I decide. I just needed to vent my frustration with the new policy as it is perceived right now. I have about 5-6 cards I would love to share but now I’m not sure I can, or how to do so since they are not SUO (Stampin Up Only)

I’m a blog hog

Ever since the move, I seem to have a little more time on my hands. Maybe it’s the fact I have help around here. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s summer time and I’ve not had the best schedule. In any case I visit a lot of blogs. I thought I would just share with you the ones I check on a daily basis, for the most part. Some are for fun, some are for encouragement, some are in need of prayers.

Here they are, in no particular order **Disclaimer: Some of these may have offensive language or posts. They all however strike me for their honesty about real life, real pain, real happiness and real people. Just wanted you to know**

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It’s pretty bad that I can hit that many “blogs” each day…..maybe I need to get a life….
Anyways, maybe check some of them out when you have nothing better to do *wink*