How is Homeschooling going?

I cannot believe that we have been a homeschooling family for over 4 months already! The time is flying by. We will be taking this Thanksgiving week off and I thought this would be a great time to take inventory and give an overview of what we are doing, and the places that we are finding our inspirations.

The first couple of months were hard. We were so used to going to school and felt like we needed to make school at home look and feel like school at…well, public school. Some days were OK, and some were not. Some days we worked our way through workbooks and printables. We took trips to the library but it was more so that we could get out of the house. We tried doing something new every few days and while we were learning we were not having a good time. I had so much information at my fingertips and I wasn’t sorting it out or using it at all. There were tears over handwritting, over math, over tears.

Then in October I decided we had to make some changes. I had been hearing about Charlotte Mason and I decided to check into it more. I spent many hours learning about Miss Mason and her beliefs and views on education. I spent more hours in prayer asking for guidance and clarity about which direction we needed to go. I knew what we had been doing was not working and felt like this style was going to be a good fit for our family.

We are now 5 weeks in and there are no more tears. We have a routine that we follow and very clear understanding on what is required as far as attitude, methods and quality of work. While we are not doing as many subjects as I would like each week the things that we are doing are being done “Right away, all the way and with a happy heart”. School is fun again and I think that we are all learning! I know it will take at least a full year before we are going to be able to see any real fruits of our labor.

I am sure I will be writing more about the methods that are working and I’ll be sharing where I am finding the best free curriculum that money can buy *wink wink*

Thanks for checking in!



2 thoughts on “How is Homeschooling going?

  1. Bless your heart Jen! I think of you often and pray for your endurance as you continue to learn the ropes for your family. 😉 I admire you and your faithfulness. God bless you all. Your children are very blessed to have you! Love, Hester


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