An Audience of One

I really want to be a good blogger. I don’t know why. I’m drawn to it, I’ve been working at this for years now in fits and spurts. I do well for awhile but then I give up because I know I have no audience. Recently it was a topic on other blogs I frequent would bloggers keep blogging if they knew know one was reading. And the resounding answer was yes. They would keep doing it if it helped even one person. Changed their life somehow and made a difference. Just one person would be enough because you never know who that one person could be or how their life might go a different day if you didn’t have a message for them on the very day they needed it most.

This got me to thinking about the One who always has a message for me. Some days I need it more than others. Some days I honestly don’t want to hear the message being sent.  However but know that I must keep my ears and my heart open and be willing to respond to what I hear. Can you image if we went to the Throne one day and God said…. “Sorry. I got nothin’ today! Maybe try again tomorrow, or next week, or in a month. Actually it might be more like 6 months before I get around to having anything worthwhile to say.”
I know for me I would be devastated, dumbstruck and speechless. I would not know where to turn or what to do next. I doubt I will never have that kind of an impact in the Blogosphere but since I am still drawn to blogging I am going to try to be OK with an audience of One. Maybe that One is the One who I go to when I need a message the most.

So thank you my blog readers, if you are out there. And if not, then that is OK too. Thank you Lord for this computer to type on, these hands that still work and the brain that can string a bunch of sentences together into something that might halfway make a little bit of sense.

Hugs and Love


2 thoughts on “An Audience of One

  1. Jen, I love your heart. Something that has helped me so much is really internalizing what you said, “We write for an audience of One.” This spurs me on because I remind myself I am being obedient to His call (and just maybe my boys will blessed by this someday too!). I love you Jen, Hester


  2. Thank you Hester…I am so glad to share my heart with you. You give me so much so the thought that I can give back to you…Makes my heart swell. So glad that we can be sisters working together for His good.

    Always loving you


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