Music is good for the soul

As a teenager I was a HUGE fan of music. I knew the name of all the bands that were popular in the genre that I listened to. I knew the band members names, the names of the songs and the lyrics to each and every song that the band played. However as the years passed I followed the music scene less and less and my taste in music changed, then changed again and changed some more. As a teen and young adult I always expected that I would enjoy the same type of music. Bus as many of us know, our tastes change and grow and the same goes for the music we enjoy. In the past couple of years I have been introduced to an amazing musician by the name of Shaun Groves. Shaun works for an organization called Compassion International. One of the jobs he does is find and recruit fellow bloggers to travel on behalf of Compassion and spread the word on the work that this organization does. But his first known talent is that of musician. Not a start studded, mass market musician but one who writes from his heart.At least that is what his most recent album is. Third World Symphony is an album full of hope and I really love it! I hope that you will check out this new album and if you feel led, then support Shaun with the purchase of his newest work. I know you will be blessed by it!



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