From Bonus Room to School Room

When we moved to Idaho, we were blessed with a larger home. It technically has 5 bedrooms. 3 are used as bedrooms, 1 is my stamping room and the last is a large bonus room over the garage. For the last year it has been used by the kids as the bonus room. A place where the extra stuff can go. We got them a small TV and put the Wii up there so we didn’t all have to fight for TV time. I found a free couch from Craigslist and it gives us a place to sit. But for the most part, the room is hardly used and collects an amazing amount of dust cat hair!

Since we are now beginning our journey into Homeschooling I have decided to turn part of that space into our school area. We really need a defined area to do our work, keep our supplies and try not to let the school space spread out into the entire house. It will also help keep us focused on what our tasks are, and hopefully help us focus on getting school done.

So, here are photos, taken yesterday as I begun to turn this space from Bonus Room to School Room.

I worked for hours tearing the unused bed frame down, moving furniture, washing curtains, sweeping, dusting etc etc. The kids helped with taking their toys and other “stuff” to their rooms, to the giveaway pile or into the garbage. They also helped by playing with friends, riding bikes and not asking me for something ever 12 seconds.

By late in the afternoon, we had a room that looked like this.

Serious progress had been made!

Check back tomorrow to see how the transformation is coming along. I continued to work into the night, and the kids helped me decide where to put the bookcases, hang posters and pick a dedicated calendar area. They both loved that they found this morning when they woke up and I can’t wait to share the finished project with you.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!


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