A new journey is about to begin

Summer has been a blast this year! We have not taken any fancy trips, visited family far away or have tons of extravagant highlights to share. It has instead been filled with small blessing and large accomplishments.

D Man learned how to ride a 2 wheel bike AND how to swim under water. Miss A went to her first sleep over camp out of state and is no longer afraid of the diving board. Chris has been blessed to have been working for the same company for a year now and I have a renewed love of Stampin’. We have so many things to be grateful for.

Many other families are gearing up to go off to school for another year, we are gearing up to stay home. We have been feeling the calling for many months now and have made the decision to homeschool the kids. I would like to add that it isn’t because of the school we attended or the staff at the school. We love our neighborhood school. The staff have become like family to me. But like so many other places around the country our district has been hit with big cuts and growing needs. I know the kids would be fine, but “fine’ isn’t enough. So, we are going to jump in another leap of faith and go for it.

I am looking forward to writing about our journey here. I don’t know that anyone will ever read it but a year from now, I will enjoy looking back and seeing how the road has been. A few people have told me that the first year is the hardest, and I can see that. But I am so excited to start this next stage in our lives and am ready to work through those battles.

I hope that you will stick around for the ride and cheer us on!


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