Flittering About

That pretty much sums up my entire life in some ways. Trying this, trying that. Going here or there. Believing this new things or that new fad. New age, old age, my age, any age. Not being grounded but wishing I was. Being grounded in some kind of belief but not really feeling like grounded was good. Years and years went by. I changed jobs, towns, even husbands. But I still always felt like I was flapping in the wind, kind of out of control even though everything seemed under control. In my heart of hearts I always knew……He was waiting for me.

To come home, back to His loving arms. Waiting for me where I had left Him, so many years ago.

Thank you Lord for being so forgiving and patient. I do not deserve that kind of mercy after so many years of disobedience. Thank you for making me with a God Shaped Hole in my heart, that only you could fill. Thank you for letting me figure it out even though I was so slow to do so.

I am more grounded then I’ve ever been in my life. I love the peace and calm I finally feel. I know that I don’t want to flit about anymore and I’ll work hard everyday to dig in and learn Your ways. Your word. Your truth. And I know that when I’m beginning to feel out of control, flapping in the wind that you are right there beside me. Always keeping a firm grip on me…my flittering days are over.


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