Counting my blessings

Sometimes it is hard to see the good, abundant blessings that the Lord provides when you are in the midst of trials, hardships or dry seasons. I don’t feel that this is the driest season of my life, but I also don’t feel like it’s a huge growing season for me either. I think that maybe I am somewhere in between these seasons and God is using this time to prep me for what is coming next. I hope that what ever it is, the season will be something that will draw me closer to Him and that I will be used in a way that shows Him to those who don’t know Him.
What ever is coming, I am trying to reflect less on me, and more on Him. And all of the small ways and things he is doing in my life. The blessings in my life may seem small but they are really rather huge. Take for instance the wonderful coupon deals I was able to score last month, and the freezer and pantry full of food that I have to chose from at the moment. Take the offer to go pick apples at a new friends house that has led to me having over 20 cups of now peeled, cored and chopped apples in my freezer, 1 large batch of applesauce in my fridge and more apples left to decide what to do with. Sure, it took hours to prep that many apples to cook or freeze, but will be well worth it in the coming months when I can pull out a bag of apples and make a desert to share with my family or someone else’s.
Take the Payless Shoe Store gift cards that we received to help purchase new boots for both of my children so that they may have warm, dry feet this winter. Take the blessing of a huge bag of clothes from a fellow parent at the school for my son. Sure, some of them may be too big for him right now, but he will grow into them and that will help us down the road. Or the fact that my daughter has friends that can come and help celebrate her birthday with her this weekend.
Most of this is stuff that I would have normally taken for granted. But now, I am trying to be More Than a Good Bible Study Girl, I am trying to Discern The Voice of God, I am trying to not only see His Will, but see Him.
Maybe I need to post each and every blessing I see in my life for the next month. Then I could really look back and see how much He is here, doing life with me.
Hmmm….actually, that is a really good idea!

So, what kind of blessings do you see in your life right now?


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