Freedom to Blog…or maybe not

Yesterday brought some big news from Stampin Up! HQ. Effective Oct 1st 2009, demonstrators (which I am) will no longer be allowed to post to a personal blog, upload to Facebook, Twitter about or otherwise mention in any online media any company, brand, or product that might in any way shape or form compete with SU!. While I understand this from a business perspective, I do not like the idea that I could would not be allowed to post a card that is 99% SU! product but uses another companies image. Nor would I be allowed to share the adorable mini mailboxes so popular last year which I covered with nothing but SU! products and gave as gifts to teachers at school by sharing with you where you could find that cute product that SU! does NOT even sell. I do not like that I would not be able to list the links of my friends blogs and websites because they use products other than Stampin Up! I understand that as a demonstrator I want to promote the company I represent but the truth of it is that they are not the only game in town.

It looks like SU! has just released a new clarification statement regarding this issue. Luckily I have 28 days from now to decide. I had really wanted to start up my business again, but I’m not sure that my views are 100% in line with the views of the company that I would be representing. I will pray about it, research more and learn what the full implications of this change are before I decide. I just needed to vent my frustration with the new policy as it is perceived right now. I have about 5-6 cards I would love to share but now I’m not sure I can, or how to do so since they are not SUO (Stampin Up Only)


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