How can anyone feed a family of 4 dinner for only $5 a DAY?

This was the question that came to my mind a few days ago as I was searching the web for meal planning ideas. That just isn’t possible, is it? I never imagined that it would be something I could do but after spending a chunk of time at this website I’ve realized maybe it isn’t so hard.

If you take the time to shop only the sales, stockpile, use coupons on every item you can and plan a weekly menu I think it might just be possible. Now, I understand that prices vary around the country and since we are still new to this area maybe I can’t do $5 per dinner but if I could even do $7 per dinner how much could we potentially save? Mind boggling isn’t it?

So I am going to start keeping track. Of course I will need to guess for a while on the actual cost per use of spices, oils and the like but if I can figure out 9/10th of a meal cost that would be a pretty big accomplishment for me. I will keep you posted and I will share my successes with you. If you have any tips or tricks on things that work for your family in lower costs please share them!


One thought on “How can anyone feed a family of 4 dinner for only $5 a DAY?

  1. I watch robin miller on food channel, she makes batches of stuff and turns them into other dinners. I look at the ads each week and plan meals and also shop costco a lot. If I think ahead I will make a trip to an even cheaper store (winco in marysville) and stock up on things. somehow I know the prices of things and really don't buy much unless it is on sale. I also try to cook fairly healthy and belive that so far I have been able to feed the fam for a good price. Not sure where I got this need to save but I got it, it probably drives mike nuts 🙂 Oh and if I make too much of something or don't use up all of something (tortillas, spaghetti sauce, chile verde, etc..) I freeze it and use it for another time. Oh and some things are cheaper pre-made too like costco roasted chicken, 4.99 and feeds us for two meals. We eat it with stuffing and bread one night then use the rest for mini pot pies. cost less then buying the chicken and heating up the oven and roasting it yourself.

    Thanks for the website rec, I will check it out.



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