How can I serve you?

This was the question that was on my heart this morning when I woke up. And let me tell you that waking up this morning, came well, early. I too am trying to get on the back to school schedule and have not used my alarm in months. So after my shower and with my first cup of coffee I headed outside to another beautiful Boise morning for my prayer time. My daily devotion was the verse Matthew 15:7-20. The premise of the verses was “Those things which proceed out of the mouth come from the heart. —Matthew 15:18” So if you are saying mean, slanderous things then you are holding onto mean and hurtful things in your heart.

I did a great bible study last year at our old church that was centered on this and it today’s devotion was a great reminder for me. I have been trying so hard with all of the changes that have come our way in the last year to really let the Lord lead me. I ask often that he be the One in charge of my life. When you become a Christian as an adult, everyone is watching what you say and what you do. I’ve cleaned up my mouth, that is for sure but I still have times I stumble and fall. I’m human after all.

As I started my prayer time I prayed for my friends and loved ones who have needs. I prayed for people I’ve never met that have needs. I prayed for my family, myself, for our needs.
And then it came again…that question. How can I serve you? It was like a ton of bricks. I wasn’t starting my day off focused on Jesus but on myself and what I think my needs are. And if I only turn it around and focus on what can I do TODAY that would serve the Lord all of my needs would be met.

My opportunity would come later in the afternoon. The family and I packed a picnic and went to a local favorite park. As we were finishing up our lunches a disheveled man approached us and asked if we might have a cell phone he could use. Our first response was “No, sorry I don’t have it with me.” But then I heard the voice in my heart that I can only identify as the Lord telling me to trust and reach out. This person had a need and was being placed in my path for a reason. We gathered up our things, went to the truck and got the cell phone. The man who had approached us was across the way with 4 or 5 other homeless looking people. I put aside my fears that this man would call Hong Kong, or grab my phone and run off with it. Fears that one request would lead to another need and another and another. I approached the table and half joking asking if he needed to make a “local” call or did he need to call Hong Kong. He smiled and kind of laughed. I handed him the phone but then he looked at me with kind eyes and asked if I would dial it for him. Turns out he just needed to make a call and see if they could get a ride from another friend to the next place they needed to be on their life journey. He made his call and quickly gave the phone back. With a wide smile he and all of his friends thanked us. We offered them a cigarette and some accepted, others were proud that they had recently quit. We chatted with them for a few moments while the kids ran off towards the fountain. As we were getting ready to part ways the one women of the group asked in a quiet voice if she too might be able to make a quick call. Her dad has been ill for some time and she just wanted to check on him. My heart broke for her. As I dialed the number it turns out that the area her father lives in now is the very same small town that I worked in right before our move. The fact that I knew the area code she needed (she was having a hard time recalling it) and that I knew the town he was in was sure a ray of light to this lady that I knew we had done the right thing. Unfortunately she was unable to reach him at that time but she did leave a message full of love, and tears. As we walked away I told them “God Bless you guys”.

Had I followed my first instinct I would have judged that man and the other people he was with. I would have been creeped-out by the request and I would have blown them off. Instead I chose to listen to the voice that was very clearly telling my how I could serve Him today.

Did you do something today that served Him? If so, I would love to hear about it. If not, then I hope tomorrow you will start your morning as I did with this question and see what he puts in your path.


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