Snack Basket

Last week as I was buried to my eyeballs in all kinds of great blogs about meal planning, couponing and organizing I came across the idea of a snack basket.
This is a small plastic basket that lives in the pantry. It hold snacks for the kids. When snack time rolls around, all you have to do is pull out the basket and have the children choose and item. To keep this fresh you can switch it out every week with different items. This is something brand new for us, and we still need to establish the rules but I see them going something like this
1. You can choose 1 item out the basket at each snack time
2. You need to choose a different item for morning and afternoon snack
3. The items in the snack basket are your only choices

At the moment the basket is filled with granola bars, fruit snacks, animal crackers, Goldfish, pretzels and maybe one other thing. I just put all of the 1/2 empty boxes of stuff and threw them in there. In the future I’ll be a bit more mindful of the portions that are in there and what is included each week.

I will combine the item chosen from the basket with fruit, yogurt, juice etc to try and keep things balanced.

I’d like to give full credit to Glimpse of Sonshine and her snack basket post for this wonderful idea!


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