A got a haircut!

OK..it’s such a similar title to a previous post about D but our little girl decided earlier this week that she was tired of dealing with tangles and long hair and has been asking to get her haircut.

She really wanted Zabeius in the photo with her, so you get to see him too :o)

She wanted it about an inch shorter but the stylist recommended that we not go quite that short. She said it would make her face look even more round than it already is. So we took her advice, for now. A really loves is and I have to admit that it was much easier to wash tonight for me, and easier for her to comb out after bath time. She says she still wants it shorter the next time, so maybe we will just try it and see how it looks. For now, she is one step closer to being ready for her first day in the 1st grade which is less than 3 weeks away.


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