Look at these Labels!!

I am not sure if you have noticed the new Color Index Labels on page 193 of the newest Stampin’ Up catalog but if not…it’s time to take note!

These come in a pack of 2. They are black lettering on a clear background. They are designed to place on the ends of your ink pads or use them to create a file system for your card stock. The cost was very reasonable at only $3.95 for the pair of them.

Since I only have classic ink pads in full size and only 1 Stampin’ Up Color Caddy I won’t be needing 2. I plan on sending the 2nd set to a friend who I now will really dig them.

These make it so easy to see at a glance what color ink you are looking for. On the top of the color caddy I plan on placing the Color Family Label on a white label, then adding it to the top of each column. But for tonight I am very happy with how this has turned out.

Hopefully with my new system I will be able to spend less time, significantly less time looking for the color that I want and much more time actually stamping with it!

Thanks for coming by!!! Happy Stamping!!


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