Ever had a Bat??

Last night I was cleaning up my stamp area. I have been a busy girl with some Challenge cards and D’s birthday invites and my table was a huge mess. I don’t create well that way….I am way too organized. So I had this huge pile of cards that I can use for RAK’s, birthday’s etc. but I needed a place to store them. Since the move I have not been able to find my box I usually use. I walked out to the garage to grab one of the many empty shoe boxes I keep for reasons just like this.
I was about 10 steps in and was almost dive bombed by this flying animal. It was flying in a circle and at first I thought it was one of the annoying little starlings that have made a nest in my attic. But as it made it’s 2nd pass at me I realized that it’s wingspan was way to long and the shape just didn’t match one of those little birds. It took maybe 1/2 of a second for me to realize what was going on……and by that time I was running for the door.
I have never seen a bat that close to me except at a zoo when it was behind a glass wall. I came flying into the basement trying not to scream and wake the kids……”It’s a Bat!! It’s a Bat in the garage!!!” My husband was on the couch and just kind of looked at me. “What?” he says.
I took a few deep breaths and told him again….and of course I was not going to go back out there to show him what I had found. Luckily he was able to just open the garage door from the outside and the little bat flew out and away. I have no idea how, or when he got in there and I have no idea how many of his friends live around here. But be sure that I am on the lookout now. I know there are bats everywhere. I am used to seeing them at dusk when we are out camping. I’m just not used to seeing them in my garage!!


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