Country Thunder

A few posts ago I said that the next one would be a Country Thunder…..and it almost is. But since I am stamping again, and that is what the blog started out about I thought I should post those….

BUT – now, onto Country Thunder.
Country Thunder is a 4 day Country Music Festival. It is held in a few locations throughout the US. I have never been before, in fact I really didn’t listen to country music until December of last year. My sister in law took me to Las Vegas to see a band she really liked. Turns out that I really liked them too. They were not your usual country music where my dog just died, and my girlfriend ran off with my best friend and my truck broke down. No, this was different. This was FUN. It had soul and energy and I came away feeling wonderful! The band was called Big and Rich. And from that day I was totally hooked to their music. So shortly after the Vegas trip, Michelle and I started talking about where to go next to see them. She had traveled to a couple of places to see them and I knew I wanted to go the next time. So we looked at the schedule and saw this show, er I mean festival and decided to go for it! She works for Alaska Airlines, so she gets us on the flights. And I’m a travel agent so I get the great deals for the cars and hotels. We are a great pair!

So, the weekend of April 14th we headed off to the desert sun for some country fun. Each day there were 6 or 8 band playing. On Saturday just before Big and Rich were scheduled to play was their good friend Gretchen Wilson. She is a member of the Muzik Mafia and a wonderful artist. She is a favorite of mine, so I was tickeled to see her.

So, after her set was done the final act came on. I won’t go into the long story ;o) just know that Big and Rich rocked the house and by the encore, we had worked our way down about 30 rows and were in the front row! It was absolutely amazing. After the show we hung around for a while waiting for the poeple to clear out and ended up each getting a play list off the stage. I’m just going to pretend mine came from John Rich :o)

Oh yeah, did I mention that I love John Rich. Something about his black hat, boots and that super sweet face!


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