In mouring…..

The retired list is out!! And while I am thrilled at the idea of having a huge new selection of stamps to drool over, I am so sad by some of the sets that SU! has decided to retire. I have not printed the list out yet, so I don’t know my exact losses but I am going to guess I’m losing 1/2 of my stamps. Some of them I will keep just for personal use but others I am going to have to part with. Please email me, or leave me a comment if you would like the complete list emailed to you.

Among the casualties:

Roses in Winter
Petal Prints
Best of Cluck
French Script
Birthday Beauty
Whimsical Alpha
A New little Someone/Wash Day Wheel
Fall Whimsy
Bubble Queen
Power Up

Some of these I own, some I do not. So now comes the hard part. Deciding if I will actually get any of them. And will I keep my favs that are retiring? Yes…to most of them.

The shock over at SCS is rampant. It will be interesting to see what the feelings are in a few days when we have all had some time to think this over.


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