Back to Blogging….

Wow..Feb 6th. Doesn’t that seem like it was such a long time ago? It sure does for me.
That was the last time I actually posted to my blog. So much has happened since then, I should have enough to write about for a month.

The big news in the last couple of months is our house. We bought a new house at the end of March. And – let me tell you….we LOVE it!!
The color is somewhere between Old Olive and Gable Green. It’s about 2000 sq ft and has a huge back yard. It is a split entry with main living area, kitchen, dining room and bedrooms on the upper floor. Downstairs there is a large basement, laundry room with half bath and a pretty spacious 2 car garage.

This house is perfect for us. We are not going to out grow it in a few years and we have a little breathing room. It was so nice to move this time and know that it is the last time, for a long, long time. I’d say at least 25 years.
The back yard is so big, Chris thinks he needs a riding lawn mower. I had to kind of laugh…….and thought to myself “Of course you do….”

It’s taken a month but we are more than 1/2 way unpacked so far. We had so much at the old house that had never been unpacked. I had forgotten just how much stuff we have, when our house is actually big enough to hold it all.

Well, I’m going to go stalk, and try to stay up until 11pm my time. The 2007 Stampin Up! retired list is supposed to be posted around that time.

I’ll be back tomorrow to catch you up on the 2 very fun and exciting trips I’ve taken in April!


2 thoughts on “Back to Blogging….

  1. Oh how fun!!! Congrats on your house! Neat-o!! My dh had to get a rider too! But I spend more time edging with the push than he does on the rider!


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