It’s a Grey Day!

Man, I love Thursday’s. It used to be becuase of Survivor and CSI. But, so sorry Gil and Katherine – Meridith, George, Addy, Alex and McDreamy have taken over. I have watched but a handful of CSI epi’s this season. I can’t help it. Grey’s is a drug for me. I plan around it.
For instance – tonight I have to go meet a customer to give her her most recent order. When we meet it’s usually for drinks. But tonight it’s going to have to be a short get together. I need to get home in time to get all my nightly chores finished by 9pm. I won’t miss a moment. I don’t even let my DH talk during the show. If he does he get a big ‘ol SHHHH and the evil stink eye.

Crazy but true. Just one of the weird-o quirks that makes me tick.

Hope you will watch Grey’s too and then we can chat about it at the SCS Thread Grey’s Girls


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