I LOVE Grey’s Anatomy. Not love it like…oh yeah, I’ve seen it a few times. But like OMG is it Thursday, and it’s almost 8pm. I’m addicted. My live revolves around this show. The ringtone on my cell phone is the theme song.In fact, I’m watching now as I type. What a great scene with Addy and Mer in the closet!
Anyone else out there love this show as much as I do?? Please tell me I’m not a total freak!


4 thoughts on “McYummy

  1. shhh… it's on Tivo! I didn't get to watch it yet! OMG.. what was I thinking watching a dvd with dh last night!!!! Must go watch… now!!! Jen.. you're not alone.. I can't get enough! Love.. love.. love it!


  2. No you aren't a freak. My sister and I are die hard fans as well. Was so happy when the season premier finally arrived.


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