OK – I know that I have been slackin’

My signagture line says it’s been updated….but it’s not. I know, I’m sorry. I don’t have any real good excuse. I did get sick for almost 2 weeks and that really kicked my butt. I’m feeling better and think I might actually live now. But, really I don’t have any good reason.

So, lots going on with us here. Ayla started ballet last weekend. Actually it’s tap and ballet. She did a great job during her first class. Jumped right in and followed along so well. She was so cute. They don’t let parents in the classroom during the class so I couldn’t really get good pictures but I think next week is an observation week. They take the classes all year long and then next June there will be a recital. I remember doing tap and ballet as a child, so I think it’s very cool for Ayla to be doing it now.

Tomorrow we are getting new carpet in our house. We choose a beige berber carpet that I think we will be very happy with. It sure beats this ugly blue/green crap we have now. I also think it’s going to make the whole place look bigger and brighter. The living room is so dark now….anything will help.

OK DSS – I’ve updated my Blog now…..thanks for asking about it. I’ll keep trying to stay on top of it.


One thought on “OK – I know that I have been slackin’

  1. Hey Jen! I didn't know you joined the cult too! Gosh.. hope you're feeling better! Maybe what we have is virtual contagious (or something like that.. I know it doesn't make sense!).


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