It was a Journey

Like reliving Jr High and High school all over again. Flashes of memories and things that happened so long ago I thought they were long gone out of my brain. A few sad ones, but mostly happy memories, of friends, love and life as a teenager.
Steve Perry wasn’t with Journey is round and that was a bit disappointing. But none the less they put on a great show.
Def Leppard rocked the house! I could not believe how good they sounded and then energy they still had after all of the these years! Songs I had not listed to in a decade came flooding back to me and I was awesome!! I felt 15 again, jumping and singing and dancing my heart out. It was so good for my soul.

Seeing 2 concerts in 1 month was huge for me. I have not been to a show in ages. But, I’ve had such a great time that Ticketmaster has become one of my most visited sites on the internet.
In fact, Miss Mary and my boys and I are thinking of catching The Who when they roll into town next month.

I took some pics but have not downloaded them just yet. I’ll post them sometime over the weekend.


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